The Life in My Years

An anthology of life

Saturday, March 28th, 2020 The Butcher’s Bill 6:30 PM, PDT (only a momentary snapshot) World Cases: 663,037 Deaths: 30,851 United States Cases: 123,498 Deaths: 2,211 With the exception of Bio-Rad most of the businesses in our little town of Hercules exist to support the residents who commute elsewhere. To call Hercules a town is overestimating …

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This week Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge is Treasure Hunt. The mission should we choose to accept it (Yes that’s a nod to Mission Impossible) is to search for specific items from the list below and present our images of those items. Extra credit items are a bit more challenging. Challenge Items: Sunrise and/or sunset, Something cold …

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Once you step through the gates of the cemetery you enter a different world. It’s a stark place populated with monuments colored in doleful shades of gray, many cracked, broken and in varying stages of disrepair.

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