The Life in My Years

An anthology of life

Paul n Lex Truck

“Start somewhere… End somewhere else… Experience everything in between.” ~ Kym Perfetto

My somewhere start?
Salt Lake City, Utah in October of 1953.

Everything in between?
The first most important of all the in-betweens came three years later when dad took a job at the San Francisco International Airport and the four of us; dad, mom, Nonna Maria (my maternal grandmother) and I, all became Californians. Why move? How should I know, I was only three and nobody asked for my opinion. And that’s okay – I like the Bay Area.
During the course of the in-betweens I was; a kid, a student, a janitor, a beer bartender, a dishwasher, a retail worker, indigent, a customer service rep, a buyer, a purchasing manager, a small business owner, unemployed and on the dole, and finally a retiree. A runner, historian, photographer and a writer during my spare time.
This blog is the box that holds my in-betweens. A collection of personal stories, anecdotes, commentary and thoughts on the state of whatever inspires or inflames me; life, society, culture, sports, travel and assorted whatnots. And yes, politics.
The contents of this box come in a variety of styles and moods; joy, sadness, wonder, anger, excitement, discovery, love and dry humor. They occasionally come in the bright colors of profanity, because as Johnny Carson once said, “Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do.”

And the end? That’s the lid.

Feel free to take a look inside the box.



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