The Life in My Years

An anthology of life

I’m Paul.

Paul n Lex Truck

In the bed of my beat up old truck with my everywhere companion, Lexi

My family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Salt Lake City, Utah in 1956 when I was three years old. Dad, mom, my maternal grandmother, me and a mutt named Puddles. I guess he pissed the floor a lot.

I still live in the Bay Area in a suburban town called Hercules, named after the black powder factory that supported the local economy many years ago. I share a house with my wife Cora who I married in 1981, my daughter Jessica, my good friend Scott, an overweight Labrador Retriever named Chloe and a manic hyperactive Gordon Setter named Lexi. My daughter’s two children split time with us and their dad – things didn’t work out in that domestic circle.

Cora and I never expected our golden years to be so full – of people. It was supposed to be me and her and a dog in a downsized house. Then again Jessica didn’t expect her marriage to go south and Scott never expected his health to betray him along with his employer who let him go for having the temerity to miss work for having major back surgery.

Cora and I also have a son who lives in San Jose with his wife, their 11 year old daughter, their one year old son and their dogs Abby and Jasmine. To give you some perspective, San Jose is about an hour’s drive from our home in Hercules – if you leave at one in the morning. Otherwise it could be a multi-hour slog through traffic.

Actually you can call me Paulie if you like. It’s the nickname given me by some friends and colleagues who I suppose were all fans of crime family stories. It seems that just about every mob has to include a Paulie; like Paulie “Walnuts” in the Sopranos. Or Paulie Cicero a character in Goodfellas based on a real life crime boss named Paulie Vario. All were of Italian descent. I’m of Italian descent but trust me that’s where the similarity stops. For some perverse reason I sort of like that nickname. Meh, I suppose it gives off that little bit of mystery.  Is he or isn’t he a member of the mob?

This is a personal blog. A story about past and present. It’s a collection of anecdotes, commentary and thoughts on the state of, well, everything.

You’ll find travel, history, literature, sport, photography, cooking and life in general.

You, the reader, might find some bits of advice in my story. Don’t take that as snobbery. After all I’ve been around long enough that I would hope I’ve collected a little wisdom. You know, helpful things like not emptying your bank account and sending every dime to your name to the guy in Nigeria who sent you an email with the promise to make you filthy rich in return.

Anyway, I hope to get acquainted with you through this blog and I hope you find it interesting.

I have a contact page and I would be happy to hear from you.




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