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This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge presented by Patti is “Change your perspective,” in other words look at an image or shot from a different point of view.  Take a break from the tried, true and sometimes trite perspective of straight on from your standing eye level.

“Look up and down and round about you.”  ~ John Muir

“I just think that humans were created to look upward” ~ Catherine Hicks
The obvious alternative is a glance straight up.
Look! Up in the sky it’s…well it’s not Superman. But it might be…MIRA
If you happen to be walking just south of Market Street in San Francisco’s downtown and you just happen to look up you’ll meet MIRA. MIRA is a tower that looks like a portent of the next big earthquake, or maybe just the work of an architect on an acid trip. Maybe it’s a little of both but the firm Studio Gang put this design together on purpose.

MIRA Tower 2 As Shot

Looking up at MIRA. Note that straight line going up the center. 

A look straight up through the camera lends a greater impression of looming.


The magnificent church Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal in Montreal looms as if from heaven itself.

“Speak low, if you speak love.” ~ William Shakespeare
The opposite of high is….duh….low. I’m guilty, guilty of often being too lazy to get down to ground level to take a photo. You have to bend down or even lay down to get the right shot. The heck with it, my back hurts, I don’t want to get my pants dirty. Sometimes getting down gets down to a pleasing image…
Like the shot of my dog Rainey using one of my running shoes as a pillow.

Rainey and the shoe

“Speak low, if you speak love.”

The nice thing about the Irish Wolfhound is while you have to get a little lower to get a soulful image of these gentle giants you don’t have to strain your back to get it.  Wolfhound eyes

It’s said that “The devil is in the details,” but I say that sometimes the essence is in the details.

Eye of the mustang

Wild mustang horse.  Nevada


A bougainvillea flower (the stamen) up close and personal

Sometimes the not so obvious perspective gets to the essence of the subject. Who takes a photo from the back?  I do, well, sometimes.  My Gordon Setter Lexi is a hunting dog by trade (though I don’t hunt). The tool of her trade is her nose and here from the back is that amazing tool. The nose
Thank you Patti for this week’s challenging challenge.

27 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #86: Change Your Perspective

  1. Beautiful pups Paulie! The MIRA is outstanding – cool looking building.

    1. Paulie says:

      Ha! My daughter says that looking up at MIRA gives her a headache. Thanks Pam!!

      1. I can see her point of view!

  2. Photos of dogs’ faces inevitably have the nose as the biggest thing. You’ve managed to avoid that here!

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Audrey. As always, thanks for visiting.

  3. Great photos! I especially love animal pictures 😊💙

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Lisa for visiting and for commenting. One can never miss with animal pictures.

      1. Totally agree!!

  4. Amy says:

    Love these series, Paulie! The first image is stunning.
    Lovely dog captures. 🙂

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you so much Amy, for visiting and for commenting. Always appreciated.

  5. Tina Schell says:

    Great illustrations of the concept Paulie. I especially loved the shot of Rainey on your shoes. That is simply adorable. And the MIRA building is beautiful in a bizarre kind of way. One wonders what people will think of it in 50 years (assuming the earthquakes don’t get it first!) Nicely done.

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Tina. MIRA is indeed bizarre. It looks even more bizarre from straight on. It’s the view that you get coming into San Francisco on the Bay Bridge. It looks like badly stacked blocks that could topple any moment. Unfortunately one can’t (or shouldn’t) stop on the bridge to take a picture.

  6. All great images but I especially like looking over Lexi‘s shoulder.

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Micheal. That over the shoulder is a favorite of mine also.

      1. I frequently find it advantageous to adopt the dog’s viewpoint. They are so often correct.

  7. klara b says:

    great images, MIRA building looks very impressive. love your close-ups of animals.

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Klara for visiting and for your kind words.

  8. Leya says:

    Great examples of perspective, Paulie – so love your animal portraits. The prize winner this time is Rainey relaxing on your shoe. And I Love Irish Wolfhounds.

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you Ann-Christine as always. Irish Wolfhounds are indeed gentle giants. The picture of Rainey is one of my all time favorites. We miss that dog so much.

      1. Leya says:

        Some dogs do set their marks – even if we love them all, some are really unforgettable. We had our Mille, who left us 2014. We still miss him.
        In one of our bookshops, a small one, the owner always had his Irish Wolfhound lying on the floor like a giant grey rug. I had to step over him several times when searching for the books I wanted. He didn’t move an inch. We used to talk silently, him and me – but one day he was gone. I missed him terribly. They age fast.

        1. Paulie says:

          They age too fast. Especially the larger breeds. Cora brought Rainey to work every day and so there was a special bond there. She misses Rainey terribly. Shortly after Rainey passed our daughter gave Cora a small painting on an stone tablet depicting Rainey sitting next to St. Francis.

          1. Leya says:

  9. JohnRH says:

    Wow. Excellent variety. That MIRA is really something. What WILL they think of next? I love the dog and animal shots too. Superb.

    1. Paulie says:

      Thank you John for visiting and for your kind words. Actually the most interesting view of MIRA is straight on from the Bay Bridge. It looks like blocks that were stacked by a toddler. The problem with getting a good shot would be the traffic ticket for stopping on the bridge.

  10. pattimoed says:

    Wow, Paulie. Great perspectives! I love MIRA and the dogs (of course)! You did a fabulous job on the challenge.

  11. Great perspectives of fabulous photos for this challenge, Paulie! I love the images of MIRA and the animals.

  12. These are gorgeous! Especially the pups and the tower. I have not seen any photo of it before.

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